betway88 紧迫提示: 关于自查整改“翻墙”行为的告诉!


依据电信法律法规的规则,以及工信部与国家相关网络监管部门的要求,任何公司或个人不能为不合法“翻墙”署理网站供给保管服务,或许不合法挂载任何能够连通国外网络的 VPN 服务。近期,监管部门已发现有几家 betway88 客户违背相关规则,要求咱们当即封闭其布置。


如有疑问,您可致电咱们的客服热线 400-089-0365。

Dear Customer,

According to the telecom regulations and the requirement of MIIT and Internet supervision agency, no company or individual can provide hosting service for illegal “over the wall” proxy sites, or illegally mount any VPN service to abroad. Recently, the regulators have found several betway88 customers violated the related regulations and demanded immediate shut-down of service deployment.

We will continuously receive notification from the regulators to close such sites or shut down service deployment. In order to avoid unnecessary risks and losses, we recommend that you conduct self-examination and rectification immediately. In case you have involved in any above illegal behaviors, please stop immediately. Otherwise, you would assume all the consequences of such violation.

If you have any questions, you may call our customer service hotline at 400-089-0365.